May 17 - June 27, 2020

Laurel Bieschke

"Open to adventures in sustainability and keepin' it simple. Representing renters and other MN transplants!"

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Laurel's Actions

Personal Care

Collect My Contacts

I will properly recycle used contact lenses and packaging.



Needs vs. Wants

I will adopt a "Needs vs. Wants" approach and only buy things I need.


Personal Care

Switch to a Plastic-Free Shave

I will replace my disposable razors with steel razors.

One-Time Action

Personal Care

Have Waste-Free Periods

I will use a menstrual cup and/or cloth pads instead of a disposable option.

One-Time Action


Clean Up Pet Hair with Reusables

I will use a a reusable lint brush or vacuum to remove pet hair from clothes, carpets and furniture.



Watch a Documentary

I will watch a documentary film about waste with family and friends and talk about what we learned.

One-Time Action


Cook Meals with Zero Plastic Waste

I will prepare 2 meal(s) at home each day without using any items packaged in single-use plastic.


At Home

Switch to Reusable Napkins and Towels

My household of 2 will use reusable napkins and towels instead of disposable options.

One-Time Action

At Home

De-Clutter My Home

I will de-clutter, clean, and donate or recycle unneeded items in my home.


At Home

Complete a Waste Audit

I will conduct a waste audit - including recyclables and compostables - to understand how much waste I create and where I can reduce the most.

One-Time Action


  • Laurel Bieschke 6/27/2020 5:24 PM
    I can't believe how quickly the time has flown. I have learned so much from participating and have been inspired by all of the other participants. I look forward to maintaining these practices into the future and continuing to expand my zero waste knowledge. Thank you for this experience! 

  • Laurel Bieschke 6/26/2020 5:58 PM
    The stay at home order has really helped me maintain a wants vs. needs lifestyle, and there's no looking back! Nothing like being surrounded by all of your stuff all day to make you question the need for half of it. Especially clothes, shoes, etc.  

  • Laurel Bieschke 6/26/2020 7:42 AM
    I am beginning to notice new benefits of using a CSA. We have reduced our consumption of meat (now averaging 2-3 x per week), which has a big environmental impact. Weekly grocery trips are now happening every 10 days or so. Not sure yet how much money we're saving yet. Our household eats a lot of fruit and that continues to be expensive.

  • Laurel Bieschke 6/25/2020 6:24 PM
    Today's action was making the switch to compostable trash bags after finally using up our last non-compostables. Also a shout out to my husband (a recent zero-waste convert). He works at a place that uses thick, fancy paper towels in the bathrooms. He has started bringing them home to compost even though his coworkers give him a hard time about it :)

  • Laurel Bieschke 6/24/2020 7:29 PM
    Has anyone found package-free shampoo and condition that works well? I've tried several shampoo bars and they always leave film/buildup after a while. I imagine it has to do with our water as well, but happy for any new suggestions! 

    • Sarah Lockwood 6/25/2020 3:56 PM
      I'm a big fan of Lush shampoo and conditioner bars! I also recently learned about the Tare Market in Minneapolis and they have shampoo and conditioner bars, I just can't speak to them as I've never used them.

  • Laurel Bieschke 6/23/2020 4:49 PM
    It has been challenging to avoid buying canned sparkling water this week. It has been getting hot and stuffy working from home and there is something enjoyable about cracking open a nice water as a treat. I found my favorite "Topo Chico", which comes in glass bottles, so made the switch and limited it to a four-pack.  Baby steps!

  • Laurel Bieschke 6/21/2020 10:49 AM
    The lemon balm in my herb garden has loved all the rain we've been getting! This morning I made lemon balm shortbread and am in the process of steeping some lemon balm tea to help with stress during the week.

  • Laurel Bieschke 6/20/2020 6:25 AM
    I switch up grocery stores depending on what staples I need and what's on sale, so sometimes it's hard to keep track of each store's COVID updates.  I went to Seward coop yesterday and, although bulk shopping is still not allowed, they will allow you to bring reusable bags as long as you bag everything outside. They are also taking glass milk bottle deposits still. It's easy to get spoiled by Crystal Ball Farms's cream-top - so tasty! 

  • Laurel Bieschke 6/18/2020 6:07 PM
    I'm eager to try some new recipes this week using parts of veggies that normally get tossed in my organics/compost bin. First up is radish green pesto:  We also received garlic scrapes in our CSA, which I have never encountered. Thinking of subbing green onions for garlic scrapes to make Mongolian beef this weekend. 

    • Laurel Bieschke 6/20/2020 11:10 AM
      Thank you for the biking advice, Judy! The pesto turned out great. I used cashews instead of walnuts since the radish greens are a bit spicy.

    • Dorthy Vitullo 6/19/2020 10:01 AM
      Love it!  I hope you saw my posts responding to your questions about biking, I did not just ignore you. Let us now how the pesto turns out!

  • Laurel Bieschke 6/17/2020 2:54 PM
    Here's a great article on how to create a natural first aid kit: Lots of great recipes of tinctures and salves that can be stored in glass or tins to reduce plastic.